Training Courses

Roy Ferguson Consultancy provide bespoke GIS training courses that are tailored to best suit your requirements.

Our training courses are run on QGIS.  QGIS is a free and open-source GIS software package that is considered to be of comparable quality to commercial GIS packages such as MapInfo and ArcGIS.  As a result, many businesses have made the decision to make the transition from commercial packages to QGIS.

Our courses cater for those that are new to GIS and for those with experience in commercial GIS packages that want to make the transition to QGIS.

The Transition to QGIS Training Course covers the following as standard:

  1. Introduction to QGIS:

    • Introduction to QGIS and its graphical user interface.
  2. Vector Data:

    • Adding data and changing file formats.
    • Adding text-delimited data.
    • Selecting and filtering vector data.
    • Styling and labelling.
    • Attribute table and field calculator.
    • Spatial queries.
  3. Creating Shapefiles:

    • Creating new vector data.
    • Custom forms.
    • Editing vector data.
  4. Raster Data:

    • Adding raster layers.
    • Georeferencing image data.
    • Viewshed/Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) Analysis.
    • Generating radar ZTVs (wind industry).
  5. Geoprocessing:

    • Overview of geoprocessing tools.
  6. Print Composer:

    • Producing professional map layouts for printing.
    • Building and using map layout templates.
    • Generating several maps from a single template.
  7. Plugin

    • Identifying and installing Plugins.

Our training courses typically run for a full day (dependant on group size).  The courses are designed to be practical in nature, allowing delegates to work through numerous training exercises.

Please contact us for further information and an opportunity to discuss your individual training requirements in more detail.